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Red Line

  1. Starting at Mattapan, take the trolley up to Ashmont.
  2. Take an Alewife-bound train to JFK/UMass.
  3. Take a Braintree-bound train to Braintree.
  4. Take an Alewife-bound train to Broadway.

Run 1: Broadway to Herald Street

Google Maps instructions.
Take Traveler Street towards the trains, over the river, under the turnpike, pass Harrison Avenue, right on Washington Street; station will be on left side of the road as you walk up.


  1. Take an Nubian-bound Silver Line 4 or Silver Line 5 bus to Nubian Station.

Run 2: Nubian to Roxbury Crossing

Google Maps instructions.
Find your way onto Dudley Street/Malcom X Blvd and run West, with the Municipal Court on your left or behind you. Follow this main road all to just past the greenspace, where you should find the Orange Line station.

Orange Line

  1. Take a Forest Hills-bound train to Forest Hills.
  2. Take an Oak Grove-bound train to Oak Grove.
  3. Take a Forest Hills-bound train to Community College.

Run 3: Community College to Lechmere

Google Maps Instructions
Find your way under or onto the bridge and walk south, away from the doors of the community college/New Rutherford Avenue (which should be a big road). Take a right once you get on the Museum of Science bridge, Lechmere should be your first left.

Green Line

  1. Take the replacement shuttle from Lechmere to North Station.
  2. Take a Heath-bound E train to Heath St.
  3. Run 4: Heath St. to Brookline Village: Google Maps Instructions
    Run back along the Green Line past Riverway, taking a left at Huntington Avenue, passing under the bridge and River Road; take a right onto Brookline Avenue and then a left onto Pearl Street which you can follow around until the station is on your right; alternatively, you can try to cross the junction and run forwards and then turn right onto Pearl Street, but it seems difficult.
  4. Take a Riverside-bound D train to Riverside.
  5. Take a Government Center-bound D train to Kenmore.
We then have two options:
If an outbound C train arrives first: take the Cleveland Circle-bound C train to Cleveland Circle, then run from Cleveland Circle to Boston College.
Run northwest along Chestnut Hill Avenue (greenspace to your left) until you see another Green Line. Turn left onto Commonwealth Avenue and follow the Green Line until it ends around Lake Street.

Take a Park Street-bound B train to Boylston.
If an outbound B train arrives first: take the Boston College-bound B train to Boston College, then run from Boston College to Cleveland Circle.
Run east along Commonwealth Avenue (if you are on the left side of the road, the Green Line should be to your right) until you hit Chestnut Hill Avenue Station/Chestnut Hill Avenue. Turn right and then run until you hit Beacon Street/Cleveland Circle.

Take a North Station-bound C train to Boylston.
Note: there is some discussion to be had about whether you take a train if you see it along Chestnut Hill Avenue. The answer is it depends on how long you think the turnaround will be and/or how fast you can run. It seems possible that it is still faster to run, since trains leave every 8-13 minutes and you can run the distance in 7-9 flat.

Run 6: Boylston to South Station

Google Maps instructions.
Follow Boylston into Chinatown down to the greenway, turn left for one block and then right to get to the station; following Boylston the whole way should also work but will get you to a different door.

Silver Line 1, 2, and 3

  1. Take Design Center-bound SL2 to Design Center.
  2. Stay on bus as it switches to South Station-bound, taking it back to Silver Line Way. (Note: Current (as of 2020) dock construction on SL2 closes some stations and makes it less efficient to take the loop; consider running back to Silver Line Way)
The following three branches need to be completed in some order: The strategy goes as follows: at Silver Line Way, whichever of outbound SL1 and SL3 comes first is taken.

If an SL3 bus comes first:

  1. Take the Chelsea-bound SL3 bus to Chelsea, then take the same bus, which is now South Station-bound back to Airport.
  2. Perform the following two trips in either order (whichever arrives first):

If an SL1 bus comes first:

  1. Take the Terminal E-bound SL1 bus to Terminal E.
  2. Take the Blue Line Airport Shuttle 55 to Airport. Note: run might be faster here if the shuttle ismore than 10 minutes away.
  3. Perform the following two trips in either order (whichever arrives first):
Now, take a Bowdoin-bound Blue Line train to Bowdoin.

Run 7th and Last: Bowdoin to Charles/MGH

Google Maps Instructions.
Run west along Cambridge Street (turn around from exit, keep park to your right) directly to Charles/MGH.

Red Line Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

  1. Take a Alewife-bound train to Alewife.